Developing Our Next Generation of Leaders in Fraternities and Sororities

“Every young person dreams of doing something extraordinary. The Student Leadership Challenge provides everything this generation needs to turn a dream into reality.” —Brian Warren, chief executive officer, Sigma Phi Epsilon


Leadership Development is Self-Development

Fraternity and sorority professionals are in the unique position to touch the lives of young people and to foster a commitment to personal development in future generations.

The Student Leadership Challenge is a simple, evidence-based approach to enabling your members to achieve their personal bests in whatever they aspire to do. When we say “leadership,” we mean the art of mobilizing others to want to struggle for shared aspirations, by being able to articulate values and what really matters, taking chances and exploring possibilities, building trusting relationships, and empowering others to excel.

By incorporating The Student Leadership Challenge into what you offer, all members of your fraternity or sorority can become fluent in a common language of leadership. Whether you integrate it into an existing program, use it as the basis of a new one, or combine it with your own leadership model, it’s simple to get started.

How does The Student Leadership Challenge work?

Learn about how to get started with The Student Leadership Challenge.

Can I try the Student LPI Online?

Request a free trial of the Student LPI Online assessment.

How do I use The Student Leadership Challenge in my fraternity or sorority?

Get a sample Greek Leadership Retreat Agenda used at the University of Florida.

What leadership competencies does the model teach?

From responsibility for personal behavior to group development, see the leadership competencies taught by The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership model.

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