Announcing the New Student LPI Self Online!

The Student Leadership Practices Inventory Self Online

The Student Leadership Practices Inventory (Student LPI) Self Online assessment is an easily self-administered self-only version of the Student LPI 360 Online which your students can complete on their own in just minutes.
The Student Leadership Practices Inventory (Student LPI) is the cornerstone of The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® model. Created by leadership educators James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner, this powerful leadership development model approaches leadership as a measurable, learnable, and teachable set of behaviors, because everyone can be a leader—whether in a designated leadership role or not.

The Student LPI offers students a method for accurately assessing their leadership skills based on The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership, by measuring the frequency with which they engage in 30 behaviors that research shows lead to the best leadership outcomes.

Further, the Student LPI Self Online:
  • Offers a user-friendly interface on a Web-based platform
  • Is self-administered by your students
  • Includes a rich feedback report that is simple to understand and completely computer-generated
  • Helps students to determine actions that will improve their leadership skills
Please note: Access codes are non-refundable. Unused access codes do not expire.

Who are the Student LPI assessments for?
As an educator, you can help any young person enhance their leadership role in school or in the community by using the Student Leadership Practices Inventory (Student LPI) so they can learn how to apply Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner's acclaimed The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® model to their real-life challenges and opportunities. Designed for students, the Student LPI assessments are appropriate in high school and college classrooms, student government, campus clubs, fraternities, sororities, first-year experience programs, community service and service learning organizations, athletic teams, and youth organizations.
What is the research-basis of the Student LPI?
Backed by 30 years of original research and data from over 3 million leaders, The Leadership Challenge® is a leadership development program by leadership educators Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. Approaching leadership as a measurable, learnable, and teachable set of behaviors, this proven leadership model proclaims Leadership Is Everyone's Business. Research specifically related to students and young leaders is available on this site.

If you would like to learn more about the original and subsequent related research of The Leadership Practices Inventory, please visit the research section of

What methodology was used to create the Student LPI?

The Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) and the Student LPI were developed through a triangulation of qualitative and quantitative research methods and studies. In-depth interviews and written case studies from personal-best leadership experiences generated the conceptual framework, which consists of The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®:
  • Model the Way
  • Inspire a Shared Vision
  • Challenge the Process
  • Enable Others to Act
  • Encourage the Heart
The actions that make up these practices were translated into behavioral statements. Following several iterative psychometric processes, the assessments were created and administered across a variety of organizations, disciplines, and demographic backgrounds. If you would like to learn more about the psychometric properties of the Student LPI, please see the latest Student LPI research at

How reliable are the LPI assessments?

All of the LPI assessments are based on solid research that spans over two decades. Reliability of the LPI is routinely tested through analysis of internal reliability, and all five leadership practices have consistently shown strong internal reliability coefficients—meaning that the items are highly correlated within each scale. Test and retest reliability also is high. In addition, results have high face validity and predictive validity: the results make sense to people and, over time, have proven to predict high-performing leaders and moderate- and low-performing ones. Overall, the LPI has been extensively applied in many organizational settings and is highly regarded in both the academic and practitioner world.
How does the Student LPI work?
Using the Student LPI Online Web-based system, the student completes an online assessment. Each assessment contains 30 statements describing specific leadership behaviors, rated on a 1 to 5 point frequency scale, and takes approximately 10–15 minutes to complete.

Student LPI Self Online
Using an access code—either purchased directly online or distributed by the instructor—Student Leaders can log on and take the Student LPI Self Assessment online completely on their own. They can save their progress if they need to pause and continue later. When they are finished, they will receive their own rich, computer-generated feedback report.

Student LPI 360 Online
The Student LPI Administrator (i.e., the instructor or facilitator) sets up the Student LPI assessment for each student, establishing due dates, as appropriate, and designating to an individual Student Leader the task of completing the assessment. Once an assessment is created, Administrators may retain responsibility for all administrative duties related to the assessment, may temporarily share some or all of the administrative responsibilities of this assessment with another Administrator, or may permanently transfer all future administration of this assessment to another Administrator.

Through the use of electronic tokens—either purchased from a Wiley sales representative, directly online, or from an authorized LPI reseller—Student Leaders can take the Student LPI Self Assessment, and ask others to participate in this process by completing the Student LPI Observer Assessment. Observers typically include teachers, coaches, student advisors, teammates, fellow club members, coworkers, or fellow members of a church group or other community or civic organization with direct experience of the individual in a leadership role or any leadership capacity.

Want to View a Sample Report?

Experience for yourself the rich, comprehensive, and comprehensible Student LPI Online report.

View a sample Student LPI Self Online Self Report (opens in a new window)

View a sample Student LPI 360 Online Individual Report (opens in a new window)
What is the difference between the Student LPI 360 Online and the Student LPI Self Online?
Both the Student LPI Self Online and the Student LPI 360 Online are research-based and reliable tools to measure frequency of student leadership behavior.

The Student LPI 360 Online offers administrators time-saving methods for reporting results, communicating with student leaders, and working with all of their students' Student LPI assessments from one central location. In this streamlined environment:
  • All student assessments can be easily created, tracked, and managed.
  • Assessment responses are accurately recorded. 
  • Scoring is automated.
  • Feedback reports can be produced immediately and are accessible from any Web-enabled computer.
  • Data is stored for up to four years so consecutive assessments can be done to measure progress.
  • Up to 500 leader names can be uploaded from a single spreadsheet.
  • Data and administration duties can be shared between assessment administrators.
In contrast, the Student LPI Self Online is a self-assessment only, with no Observer Assessment. It is self-administered by students themselves, instead of by an administrator, facilitator, or instructor. Feedback reports are shared only with the student, so the instructor does not have access to the student data, and cannot combine or compare student data or generate Group Reports.

In addition, when using the Student LPI Self Online, raw data is not stored and cannot be downloaded as a tab delimited format as it can with the Student LPI 360 Online. While students can access PDFs of their last five reports, there is no Reassessment or Comparative report that shows change over time. The Student LPI 360 Online is recommended for that.

Because the Student LPI Self Online and Student LPI 360 Online are different platforms, data cannot be transferred between the two. If you plan to have your students take the Self-Assessment and then later retake the Self-Assessment as well as obtain Observer Assessments, and you would like to combine this data into a Reassessment Report, it is advised to use the Student LPI 360 Online for both instances.

While the Student LPI Self Online provides for self-measurement, the greater value in the assessment is to use the Student LPI 360 Online to create a genuine 360º measurement. This unique measurement tool collects valuable feedback from teachers, coaches, student advisors, teammates, fellow club members, coworkers, or others who have direct experience in observing the individual student leader in a leadership role or any leadership capacity.
How much does the Student LPI cost?
Please visit our Cost Charts page for current pricing.

We have created a justification kit to help you express to supervisors and other decision makers the need for and importance of using the Student LPI to measure your students' leadership behavior. These tools will help you get the buy-in and funding from them to do so. Go to the Student LPI funding and justification kit now.

Please note: Student LPI Self Online access codes are non-refundable. Unused access codes do not expire.
What are the technical requirements?
The Student LPI Self Online and the Student LPI 360 Online platforms support Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X, and Linux, with support for Firefox 3.0 and IE 6.0 and above. Javascript must be enabled.

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What they are saying...

"I've been teaching leadership classes for twenty years, and The Five Practices are, hands down, the best tool for helping students see both their inherent strengths as leaders as well as to further develop their skills."
– Britt Andreatta
University of California, Santa Barbara

What they are saying...

"The Student Leadership Practices Inventory is the best tool I have used to help students assess their leadership effectiveness because it translates the concept of leadership into actions and relationships. By defining and measuring specific leadership behaviors, the Student LPI allows students to see how they are doing as leaders and to determine how they can improve."
– Cathy Early
National Interfraternity Conference

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