The Student Leadership Practices Inventory Scoring Software, 2nd Edition

The Student Leadership Practices Inventory Scoring Software, 2nd Edition
This scoring software on CD-ROM is an inexpensive way to create a database of your leaders' and observers' responses to the Student LPI paper assessment.

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Use this scoring software with the Student LPI paper assessment to create reports for individual students or for an entire group. First, manually enter the data from each paper Student LPI assessment into the scoring software database. If you required your leaders to request anonymous responses from their observers, you will be able to enter the observer responses without identifying the respondent. From the scoring software you can generate customized reports on the Student LPI and distribute them to your students electronically as PDFs or print and distribute the reports manually.

What they are saying...

"I've been teaching leadership classes for twenty years, and The Five Practices are, hands down, the best tool for helping students see both their inherent strengths as leaders as well as to further develop their skills."
– Britt Andreatta
University of California, Santa Barbara

What they are saying...

"The Student Leadership Practices Inventory is the best tool I have used to help students assess their leadership effectiveness because it translates the concept of leadership into actions and relationships. By defining and measuring specific leadership behaviors, the Student LPI allows students to see how they are doing as leaders and to determine how they can improve."
– Cathy Early
National Interfraternity Conference

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