On this website and in our promotional materials, you'll find that we often talk about the research that backs up The Student Leadership Challenge and The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership model.

In this section you will find information directly related to the research conducted by the authors and other educators of students and young leaders. 

Research by the Authors: This includes the most recent LPI properties (including validity and reliability), norms, and percentile ranking.

Other Related Research: Read how others have used the Student LPI and classic LPI in their research projects. Numerous studies on secondary and higher education are included.

You can also find other related research on various questions on The Leadership Challenge.

Using Student LPI for Your Research: Request permission to use the Student. LPI in your own research project in the tab below. You must read this FAQ page (opens in a new window) before continuing
Research by the Authors
Various research studies on the Leadership Practices Inventory and Student Leadership Practices Inventory have been conducted by the authors.

Examples of some of the studies include the Psychometric Properties of the Student LPI, Theory and Evidence Behind the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership, and New Norms for the Leadership Practices Inventory.
Using Student LPI for Your Research
Many scholars have conducted research which uses The Student Leadership Challenge framework, and we are happy to support such work to help further the field of leadership development and education. If you are conducting academic research for the purposes of a dissertation or to contribute to the wider body of knowledge about leadership, and this research will be published, you may fill out our Student LPI Research Form for permission to use the materials in your study. If permission is granted, you may qualify for use of the materials at a reduced rate. If you are conducting research for the purpose of studying, assessing, or evaluating internal organizational policies, practices, programs, or courses, you may use The Student Leadership Challenge and The Student Leadership Practices Inventory, but this does not qualify for using The Student Leadership Challenge materials beyond standard bulk discounts. For more information on standard bulk discounts, please contact

Please refer to this FAQ page before filling out the request form below.

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